Grief Literacy Series

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Register for the full series by October 28 and receive a discounted rate. After October 28 you will only be able to register for sessions individually.

At BFO-MR, an important aspect of our work is educating the community about grief. Increasing grief literacy helps normalize the experience, creates greater compassion and empathy for the many ways grief exists and allows more people to access support if they need it.

This year, we’re pleased to be hosting a Virtual Grief Literacy Series featuring incredible speakers and sessions on:

  • How to apply a culturally humble approach to grieving
  • The importance of ritual, spirituality and community care in death-based grieving for racialized communities
  • The Haudenosaunee story of Hiawatha and the kindness it teaches us about grief and loss
  • The unique experiences of queer loss and grief, highlighting what queerness can teach us about our own transformation.
  • The importance of acknowledging the grief experiences of people who live with a developmental disability and how we can create more supportive spaces.

Sessions are recorded and will be available for future viewing until December 31, 2022.

Whether you are a professional working with bereaved individuals or are a community member interested in learning more about the many layers and intersectionalities of grief, the goal of this series is to help broaden your understanding about grief in general, and more specifically as it relates to marginalized communities

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grief may be a difficult subject whether you are navigating it yourself or supporting someone who is. Please note that these sessions are education-based and not grief support groups. If you feel the content may be upsetting or challenging for you, we encourage you to have a safety plan in place which may include removing yourself from the session, taking a break, calling a trusted person or contacting Here 24/7 (1-844-437-3247)


Sign up for individual sessions that suit your schedule or interests or register for the whole series at a discounted rate.

  • Cost per session is $35
  • Sign up for all five sessions of the series for $125
  • 40% discounted rate for students – email us at for your promo code for this special rate.

Please note series registration fees are non-refundable. 

The registration deadline to sign up for all five sessions at a discounted rate is Friday October 28, after which you will only have the option to register for sessions individually.

This series is open to anyone who wants to learn more about grief, and we don’t want cost to be a barrier to participation. If you do not have the financial means to pay the registration fee, please email our Executive Director Jaime ( We’ve got you covered, no questions asked.



This Grief Literacy Series is generously supported by: