Thank you for your interest in fundraising in support of Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region (BFO-MR)!

So, what IS a third-party fundraiser?

Third-party fundraisers are events or initiatives organized by businesses, community organizations, or individuals in support of BFO-MR and the community we serve. Acting independently from us, but with our approval, third-party fundraisers help increase awareness about BFO-MR and contribute to the sustainability of our organization.

Why your support is critical

We receive no government funding to support the work we do. The demand for support continues to increase and with it the complexity of grief experiences affecting our community Your third-party fundraiser can make a significant difference for our small charity, ensuring we have the ability to continue to respond to that demand in a responsible and sustainable way Your support allows us grow and evolve with the needs of community, ensure access to peer support to those who need it, and continue offering our services free of charge!

What do we do with funds you raise on our behalf

  • Develop, manage and continually change grief support programs for parents, children, youth and individuals who are grieving the death of someone in their lives
  • Supply resources and referrals in community
  • Train and support peer volunteers who lead our programs
  • Promote grief literacy through education sessions and outreach initiatives
  • Monitor and understand community needs as they relate to grief support
  • Develop and implement strategies that generate revenue and contribute directly to our sustainability
  • Invest in training, infrastructure and tools that enable our staff to be efficient and effective in their roles

Donors should be cautious about using organizational overhead (things like paying staff, office expenses, insurance, rent – critical items that mean we can continue to work) as the sole way to gauge effectiveness. This number can fluctuate from year to year based on a variety of factors that don’t necessarily decide whether impact has been made.

Ready to get started?

There are endless ways you can raise funds and/or honour your person. Whether it’s a litter clean-up, a sports tournament, an art show, or your own unique creation, the benefit of a third-party fundraiser is the event/initiative has meaning for you.

  1. Come up with your idea! Whether you are creating a memorial event or choosing a program that resonates with you – decide how you’d like to raise money for BFO-MR!
  2. Fill out the Third-Party Fundraising Proposal form. Our team will get back to you to learn more about your plans.
  3. Have fun, take pictures, and share with your network – show the community how much you care to make a difference!
  4. Report back so we can celebrate and share your success!

Interested in learning more?

Download our Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines for recommendations (including how we can support your event/initiative) and other resources to move your idea forward.

Questions? Contact us at or call 519-603-0196.