Children’s grief

Resources for children’s grief:



  • About that Farm Upstate – A podcast about The Sharing Place, a children’s grief centre in Salt Lake City. We hear from staff who work there as well as children attending the programs. Insightful to hear from the children themselves about their grief experiences. Note: they talk quite in depth about suicide. Starts at 40:20 and is 22 minutes in length.
  • Grief Out Loud: The Dougy Center’s podcast – Hear a mix of personal stories, tips for supporting children, teens, and yourself, and interviews with bereavement professionals. Platitude and cliché-free.


  • 9 Books to Help Kids Understand Death
  • Sam and Finn by Kate Polley  is about twin boys, one of whom dies before birth.
  • The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers is about a little girl who one day realizes her father is gone.
  • My Father’s Kite by Veronica D. Slater is about the experiences of two siblings and the logical sequence of the seasons in an effort to bridge, explore, and validate their emotions associated with the death of their father.
  • Karissa and Felix by Jan Coates is about the death of Karissa’s grandfather and an unlikely friend who delivers a special gift of remembrance.
  • A Kids Grief Journal: This journal is a social-emotional resource that provides writing prompts, strategies, a mood tracker, and emojis to help children control, manage, and monitor their emotions and feelings.