Our Grief Journey

We found BFO from the social worker at Cambridge Hospital. Although they had very outdated information *Hospital’s fault not BFO’S* I was able to easily find the correct number I needed. Laura answered the phone, she listened to me sob and rant about how hard it was to find the support I needed. When I was done she apologized that I had to do so much running around to find the new office’s location. I told her it was not her fault, but she insisted to make it right.
We had lost our daughter at 37 weeks just a few short weeks before this call. I was a wreck, and had no idea where to turn.  Because of the mix up, we were actually only 2 days late from joining a group for people who were grieving the death of their baby that year. I thank goodness that we didn’t make it into that group.  We were too raw to deal with the emotions of sharing our story that soon. Laura set up an appointment for us to meet with Rose. I had no idea what to expect going into our one on one sessions.  Rose was the nicest sweetest lady ever, and actually knew what we were feeling. She was also a bereaved mother and could relate to our loss.
Going into the group was bittersweet for us. We were going to be with a few other parents who were going through the death of their babies also.  It was something I looked forward to sadly every week. Sharing our stories and listening was hard, emotionally and physically draining.  But very worth it to make this connection.  We still talk to these parents today.
Without Bereaved Families of Ontario, I am not sure I would have made it through the death of our daughter.  We had tried other counselling sessions where they would tell us that we basically needed to pick a time frame to get over our grief.  Never did I feel this way with BFO.
It will be three years Oct 6th since we were blessed to have this beautiful little girl we named Leia.  We have a son who will be 2 soon, who loves his big sister he will never meet.  Our grief journey has been hard, and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
We have been through my grandmothers death 2 months after Leia’s, then my mom’s six months to the day of Leia’s.  My father in law passed in August 2012, and my husband’s grandmother just this month. All of these deaths have been tough each in their own way.  When we had to put our dog to sleep, we knew that it would also open up wounds that were still pretty fresh. Once again I was able to reach out to Rose and the great staff at BFO.  They have been a constant support system for us, and I look forward to a day where I can pay it back by facilitating my own subsequent pregnancy group.
By: Angie Williams