Our grief support programs (with the exception of Healing Little Hearts and Good Grief) provide peer support, not professional counselling, which means they are facilitated by volunteers who are themselves bereaved.

Current Programs:

*Regarding our groups for bereaved parents, when groups aren’t immediately available, we may also offer one-on-one peer support dependent on volunteer facilitator availability.

Group Cancellation Policy 

Should a group need to be cancelled, registered participants will be notified via email or phone by 4:00 p.m. on the day of group. We will also indicate group cancellations on our office voicemail.  

Weather-Related Cancellation 

If a group is cancelled because of weather, an online option may be offered, and registered participants will receive a link to join virtually from the BFO-MR Program Coordinator. Where the majority of participants do not have access to a device, or are uncomfortable in the virtual format, group may be cancelled entirely for that evening.  

Facilitator Availability Cancellation 

If a facilitator is sick or their availability has changed due to unforeseen circumstances, and we cannot find a fill-in facilitator, group will not run that evening. For closed groups (child and infant loss, Healing Little Hearts and Good Grief), this may mean scheduling a make-up session. For Living with Loss and Living with Loss by Substance Use, participants will be able to attend the next scheduled session.