Living with Loss

All Living with Loss groups are suspended at this time. We want to do our part to lessen the isolation you may be feeling by not being able to access our groups in-person. Please click here for more information on our Virtual Living with Loss groups.

Living With Loss Program

Living with Loss offers a safe space to connect with other people who are grieving, to share your thoughts and feelings and to hear new perspectives and coping strategies. This group is for adults 18+.

The open group format means that no registration is required. You are welcome to join the group at any point in your grief journey and attend as often or as little as you feel you need the support.

All our programs are free to attend.

The group meets from 7-9 p.m. in:

Please Note our Cancellation Policy:

If Living with Loss needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the office voicemail will indicate the cancellation by 4pm. 

Members on our mailing list will receive an email indicating the cancellation.

Notifications will also be posted on BFO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you have attended Living with Loss, please fill out our short, confidential evaluation.

Your feedback allows us to continually re-evaluate our groups and make changes to better suit the needs of the community.

Living With Loss is generously supported by: