Living with Loss: For Adults Grieving a Death by Substance Use

All Living with Loss groups are suspended at this time. We want to do our part to lessen the isolation you may be feeling by not being able to access our groups in-person. Please click here for more information on our Virtual Living with Loss by substance use group. 

When someone dies by substance use, the grief that follows can be complicated. Sadness, anger and guilt can be accompanied by shame, loneliness and isolation. The stigma attached with a drug or alcohol-related death may prevent families from reaching out, sharing their stories or seeking support out of fear of judgement.

Grief can be an incredibly isolating experience on its own. Layer that with the complexities that come with a death by substance use, families are hit with stigma twice over.

With our Living with Loss peer support group specifically for individuals impacted by drug or alcohol-related deaths, we are hoping to lessen the stigma, encourage dialogue and create a safe, welcoming space for people who are grieving to share stories and learn to heal.

Helping people understand they are not alone on their grief journey is at the foundation of what we do at Bereaved Families. There is hope and healing knowing there are others who get it, who have walked a similar path and can empathize with what you are going through.

Living with Loss is an open, drop-in group and no registration is required.

Living with Loss for adults grieving a death by substance use meets:

2020 Dates & Topics

For a PDF version of the schedule, click here.

January 15 How Do I Begin Again?
February 19
Coping with Anger
March 18
Coping with Guilt – CANCELLED
April 15 Self-Care in Grief – CANCELLED
May 20
Making Memories – CANCELLED
June 17 Coping with Special Days
July 15 Coping with Guilt
August 19
The Elephant in the Room
September 16
Am I Grieving Normally?
October 21
Continuing Bonds
November 18
Uniqueness of my Grief 
December 16 Coping with the Holidays

This program is made possible with the generosity of: