Virtual Living with Loss for adults grieving a death by substance use

When someone dies by substance use, the grief that follows can be complicated. Sadness, anger and guilt can be accompanied by shame, loneliness and isolation. The stigma attached with a drug or alcohol-related death may prevent people from reaching out, sharing their stories or seeking support out of fear of judgement. Our Living with Loss by Substance Use peer support group specifically for individuals impacted by drug or alcohol-related deaths, aims to lessen stigma, encourage dialogue and create a safe, welcoming space for people who are grieving to learn to heal.

This group is facilitated by two peer support volunteers.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We are not therapists, counsellors or mental health professionals. We are providing a safe space to connect with other people who are grieving, to share thoughts and feelings and to hear new perspectives and coping strategies. This group is for adults 18+ and is free to attend.

Virtual Living with Loss by Substance Use Schedule

This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7-9 p.m. on Zoom.

October 19, 2022 The Elephant in the Room (register below)
November 16, 2022 Continuing Bonds (registration opens Oct 20)
December 21, 2022 Coping with the Holidays (registration opens Nov 17)


Registration for EACH INDIVIDUAL group is required. Check back to register for future group dates or sign up for our email list to be notified when registration is open.

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Space is limited in each group so please only register if you know you can attend and if you need to cancel your registration, please email

Register below for the virtual Living with Loss by Substance Use group on Wednesday October 19. 

  • Information and support offered by BFO-MR is provided in a peer-based environment. We do not offer professional counselling. Peer support means that our groups are facilitated by volunteers who have experienced a death and are in a place in their journey to give back. All volunteer facilitators have completed training and operate in accordance with BFO-MR's mission and mandate.

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