Volunteering has allowed me to reflect on my own grief journey

I, like many other dedicated volunteers with Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region, originally became involved as a participant seeking support after the death of my mother when I was fifteen.

Being an adolescent has its own unique challenges, but at times they seemed impossible now that my mother wasn’t going to be there. It allowed me to receive support from my own peers, and explore my grief in a safe space. My experience in that group has significantly impacted who I am today.

I now am involved as a facilitator with the Living with Loss group and am so grateful that this program exists. Living with Loss allows for flexibility and ensures a safe space for all participants to explore their grief whether there are five or 25 participants. As a facilitator it is a privilege to share this space with a room of people who all have been there, and understand how complex and sporadic our grief journeys can seem.

Every night I facilitate I feel like I take much more than what I am able to give, and it has allowed me to continue to reflect on my own grief journey.

Jessica, Member and Volunteer