We didn’t have to walk our grief journey alone

Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region (BFO-MR) was a godsend when our newborn son died 17 years ago. Being able to connect with other parents who were also grieving the death of a baby was incredibly helpful at a time when most people didn’t understand what we were going through and didn’t know how to help us.

In the safety of the support group we were able to share our story and learn about healthy ways to process our grief and heal. Best of all, it meant we didn’t have to walk our grief journey alone.

We have also participated in events such as the Butterfly Walk to Remember and the Tree of Bright Stars. We have appreciated these opportunities to remember our son’s short but precious life.

Over the years, we have been involved in various BFO-MR activities from fundraising to organizing events. Knowing how much this organization helped us, we want to ensure its continued success for those who will need support in the future.

Helen and Ron, Members and Volunteers