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Grief at work

When someone is grieving, it can have a significant impact on every aspect of their life both personally and professionally. What may look like forgetfulness, an inability to focus or a lack of motivation on the job, may be grief at work.  

Employers don’t always know how to best support their employees, and co-workers don’t always know what to say which makes the experience even more difficult for the person who is grieving. 

Our Grief at Work Program is designed to support businesses and organizations gain a better understanding of grief, take away tangible tools and strategies they can apply in the workplace, and learn how to create a culture of compassion that promotes empathy and understanding.  

  • Understand how grief shows up in the workplace and what accommodations can be put in place for employees
  • Consider the potential impact of reduced productivity and efficiency.
  • Learn how to address isolation in grief and increase connectivity, particularly when teams are working from home
  • Gain knowledge of more resources and supports in community

This program is also applicable for businesses who regularly interact who with clients who are grieving. The strategies that are shared can help staff teams be more comfortable, compassionate and understanding when they are working with a clients or customers who have experienced a death.

Sessions and Packages

You can choose from one of our sample packages, or we can tailor one to your specific needs. (Pricing is based on 1-25 participants)

Single Session ($299)

  • One, one-hour presentation
  • Available for delivery in-person or virtually

The Introductory Package ($699):    

  • Three one-hour presentations supplying a high level of understanding about grief, facts and myths, coping tools and techniques for yourself or others 
  • Available for delivery in-person or virtually 

 The Interactive Package ($950):  

  • Three one-hour presentation plus 30-minute question period + bonus session 
  • Resource package for employers/employees 
  • Available for delivery in-person or virtually 

 The Complete Package ($1,299):  

  • Four one-hour presentations plus 30-minute question period + bonus session 
  • Resource package for employers/employees 
  • Available for delivery in-person or virtually 
  • Sessions are recorded so employers can share with new employees as part of workplace on-boarding. 

Half-Day Grief in the Workplace Session:  

A more in-depth dive into grief in the workplace that will include  

  • Presentation to help participants understand grief and how it may show up at work, facts and myths surrounding grief and coping techniques to learn how to support yourself and others.  
  • Teams will be broken into small groups for in-depth discussion and hands-on activities 
  • Includes a resource package for employers/employees 

Pricing for this session is determined by your workplace’s needs and the number of employees taking part. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can put a proposal together for you. 

Booking Information

For more information or to book your package, please contact us at admin@bfomidwest.org or 519-603-0196.